Below are all of my comics , sorted by categories. Click on the links (underlined).

Anatomy Comics: after reading these comics, test yourself on what you have learned by taking a quiz, located in the M1: Human Anatomy/Virtual Dissections page of this site:

  1. The Spine: 1 Spine 1,2
  2. The Thigh: 2 Thigh 3,4
  3. The Ankle: 3 Ankle 2,3,4
  4. The Aortic Arch: 4 Aortic Arch 5
  5. The Shoulder: 5 Shoulder 1,2,3
  6. The Elbow: 6 Elbow 1
  7. The Chest: 7 Tracheobroncheal Tree 5
  8. The Circle of Willis: 8 COW 3
  9. The Orbit: 9 Orbit 1,2,3
  10. The Heart: 10 Heart 4
  11. The Larynx: 11 Larynx 1,2
  12. The Paranasal Sinuses: 12 Sinuses 3
  13. The abdominal Wall: 13 Abdominal Wall 1,3,4
  14. The Abdominal Aorta: 14 Abdominal Aorta 2
  15. The Pelvis: 15 Pelvis 4
  16. Summary Drawings from each Dissection: Summary Drawings

Evidence Based Medicine Comics:

  1. Principles of Diagnostic Testing Principles of Diagnostic Testing
  2. Causality Causality
  3. Cohort Studies Cohort Comix Revised
  4. Case Control Studies Case Control Comix
  5. Bias, Confounding and Interaction Bias, Confounding and Interaction
  6. Screening Screening Comix
  7. P-values Part I Pvalues Part I
  8. P values Part II Pvalues Part II October 2012

Evidence Based Kahoot!s:

For the “Permanent links” below, you’ll need 2 devices to play these Kahoot!s, a mobile device with the Kahoot! app and a tablet/laptop/desktop. Click on the link below on your tablet/laptop/desktop, then click–>play–>start now–>classic–>start. The Kahoot! should now show you a game pin. Start Kahoot! on your mobile device and enter the pin, then your nickname, then click start on your tablet/laptop/desktop which will display the questions. Answer the questions on your mobile device, use your other device to advance through the quiz.

For the “Temporary links”, you must use a mobile device with the Kahoot! app installed. Tap the temporary link below and Kahoot! will open automatically, just follow the instructions to play. The temporary links are just that, they expire in 1-2 weeks and if I haven’t gotten around to refreshing them (which is a pain in the butt) they may have expired by the time you decide to play. In that case use the permanent links as detailed above.

  1. Permanent link to Principles of Diagnostic Testing, requires 2 devices to play
  2. Temporary link to Principles of Diagnostic Testing, requires 1 device to play
  3. Permanent link to Clinical Trial Statistics, requires 2 devices to play
  4. Temporary link to Clinical Trial Statistics, requires 1 device to play

Clinical Skills Comics:

  1. 22 “Don’t Miss” Lesions 22 Don’t Miss Lesions
  2. Chest X-ray 101 CXR 101
  3. Pulmonary Nodules AAA Nodules with Blanks
  4. Coronary Artery CT Cardiac Imaging With Movies

Fun (Hopefully!) Comics:

  1. My Origin Story: Drowning Boy
  2. Origin Story II

RSNA 2017 TRED Talk:

  1. Click here for video