#tiggesanatomy Tap/click on my head below to access course material for today’s Dissection # 2: The Knee.

Every single one of the “Virtual Dissections” where we explore anatomy using cross sectional images works the same way. First, we do the pre-class prep work, then the in class work. The first in class task is the Kahoot! quiz which I sent in a post 1/2 hour ago, that you can access on your phone here if you have Kahoot! loaded on your phone.  Next, we all draw a picture of the body part that we are exploring, in this case the knee:


To get to the in class image stacks, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter xraycomix.com (with an “x”, not a “cs” at the end of comix) in your browser.
  2. If using a phone, tap on the 3 parallel lines at upper left, this will open the menu.
  3. On the menu, tap/click “M1: Human Anatomy/Virtual Dissections”.
  4. Scroll down to Dissection # 2: The Knee.
  5. The structures that you are responsible for finding are the listed at the bottom of the dissection specific goals/objectives. Tap/click on Goals and Objectives Dissection # 2: The Knee.
  6. Sequentially tap/click on the image stacks below the goals/objectives and start finding structures.
  7. If you like, you can access the post-test Kahoot! quiz on your phone here if you have Kahoot! installed.
  8. I hope that you enjoy completing these activities!

#tiggesanatomy Observations re 1st oral exam: “The Back”, click/tab below.

  1. What great dissections, 1000 times better than I did. Well, maybe 1.5 times.
  2. When I hear a 3 minute discussion of all of the tiny and some of the not so tiny back muscles, I know that in real life, we would boil it down to 2 words, “paravertebral muscles” and move on.
  3. Are the T11 and T12 vertebrae atypical because they articulate with the so-called floating ribs? As a lumper, I say nay.
  4. The autonomic nervous system is too complicated, who do I complain to?
  5. Students still squeamish, visibly distressed faces when I placed paper on a cadaver.

#tiggesanatomy Tap/click on my head below to access the Kahoot! Pre-test quiz for Dissection # 2: The Knee.

We always start the virtual dissection with a quiz. Tap/click here to participate in the Pre-test Kahoot! quiz for Dissection # 2: The Knee. You will need to do this on your phone/mobile device! Note: this quiz expires 12/16 at 11 pm.