Human Anatomy Quizzes and Learning Objectives

This page is still under construction. I am playing with 1) “Click on Target” questions linked to Google Slides and 2) with simple questions embedded in the web page.

“Click on Target” quizzes:

When you click on the desired quiz, you will be taken to a Google Slides presentation. In the Google Slides tool bar, click “View”, then “Present”, that will start the slide show; follow the instructions on the slides. These are “Click on Target” questions, where you will be asked to click on anatomic structures.

  1. Dissection # 1 Pre-Test: The Back
  2. Dissection # 2 Pre-Test: The Knee
  3. Dissection # 3 Pre-Test: The Ankle
  4. Dissection # 4 Pre-Test: The Neck
  5. Dissection # 5 Pre-Test: The Shoulder
  6. Dissection # 6 Pre-Test: The Elbow
  7. Dissection # 7 Pre-Test: The Chest
  8. Dissection # 8 Pre-Test: The Cranium
  9. Dissection # 9 Pre-Test: The Orbit
  10. Dissection # 10 Pre-Test: The Heart
  11. Dissection # 11 Pre-Test: The Larynx
  12. Dissection # 12 Pre-Test: The Paranasal Sinuses
  13. Dissection # 13 Pre-Test: The Abdominal Wall
  14. Dissection # 14 Pre-Test: The Abdominal Organs
  15. Dissection # 15 Pre-Test: The Pelvis

Sample Embedded Click on Target quiz:



Sample embedded quiz:

Click on what you think is the correct answer. Correct answers will turn green, incorrect answers will turn red and an explanation will be provided. To retake the quiz, refresh your browser.

1. What is the largest part of a vertebra?
The body.
The pedicle.
The body is the largest part.
The lamina.
The body is the largest part.

Human Anatomy Learning Objectives for Virtual Dissections as a Google Doc