T-shirt contest results!

The answer to the T-shirt questions were:

  1. Invulnerability.
  2. The brachial artery.
  3. Right vocal cord paralysis due to right recurrent laryngeal nerve injury by a lung cancer.

Winners are:

  1. M2: Aaron Wallace and Carmen Thunem
  2. M3: What’s this, no M3 winner yet!? Should be easy to win, what with the answers posted and all. I’ll tell you what, the first M3 who emails me after they promise that they at least looked at the parts of the website that I wanted you to look at, i.e. comic panels 13 and 14, click on target test # 6 and Larynx Case # 2 AND promises to show at least one of their classmates the site, gets a shirt.
  3. M4: Ethan Spier
  4. Radiology Residents: Fred Bertino

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Stefan Tigges

I am an academic Radiologist who uses comics to teach medical students and residents.