#tiggesanatomy Tap/click on my head below to see prep instructions for tomorrow’s Dissection # 2: The Knee.

Every single one of the “Virtual Dissections” where we explore anatomy using cross sectional images works the same way. First, we do the pre-class prep work. To get to the pre-class comic, video, “click on target” quiz and goals/objectives for Dissection # 2, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter xraycomix.com (with an “x”, not a “cs” at the end of comix) in your browser.
  2. If using a phone, tap on the 3 parallel lines at upper left, this will open the menu.
  3. On the menu, tap/click “M1: Human Anatomy/Virtual Dissections”.
  4. To access the comic, scroll down to the comics and tap/click on the second comic in the list.
  5. To access the video, scroll down to the videos and tap/click on the second video in the list.
  6. To access the “click on target” quiz, scroll down to the “click on target” quizzes and tap/click on the second “click on target” quiz in the list. These work better on a desktop.
  7. To access the goals/objectives, scroll down to “Dissection # 2: The Knee”  and tap/click on the goals/objectives.
  8. I hope that you enjoy completing these activities!

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Stefan Tigges

I am an academic Radiologist who uses comics to teach medical students and residents.