M3/M4 “Radiologist for a Day” Page now has lots of cases

There are now 8 pCXR, 5 CXR, 4 Chest CT and 8 Cardiac/Coronary CT cases posted with reporting templates, answers and links to additional resources. Click here for the link or click on the appropriate link in the menu to the left. I hope to “complete” (when you have a website, you are its slave and nothing is ever complete) the list of cases by the end of this week and have 8 cases of each different category.

T-shirt contest results!

The answer to the T-shirt questions were:

  1. Invulnerability.
  2. The brachial artery.
  3. Right vocal cord paralysis due to right recurrent laryngeal nerve injury by a lung cancer.

Winners are:

  1. M2: Aaron Wallace and Carmen Thunem
  2. M3: What’s this, no M3 winner yet!? Should be easy to win, what with the answers posted and all. I’ll tell you what, the first M3 who emails me after they promise that they at least looked at the parts of the website that I wanted you to look at, i.e. comic panels 13 and 14, click on target test # 6 and Larynx Case # 2 AND promises to show at least one of their classmates the site, gets a shirt.
  3. M4: Ethan Spier
  4. Radiology Residents: Fred Bertino

T-shirt trivia questions

Be the first M2, M3, M4 or Radiology Resident (one shirt per group) to correctly answer all 3 of the questions  below and you will win a t-shirt, just email me your answers. I know you have my email! When you submit your answer, please let me know whether you are an M2, M3, M4 or a Radiology Resident and your t-shirt size (M,L or XL). Anyway:

Bridgekeeper: Stop! Who would don this awesome T must answer me these questions three, ere the tagless shirt (he/she/other preferred pronoun) see.

  1. What superpower does Superman suggest I should have chosen instead of flying? Hint: Scroll down to comic panels 13 and 14 on the home page…
  2. What structure are you asked to identify, question 3, click on target test # 6? Hint: click on the M1: Human Anatomy/Virtual Dissection link on the home page, then scroll down to the click on target tests…
  3. What is the correct diagnosis for Larynx Case #2? Hint: click on the M1: Human Anatomy/Virtual Dissection link on the home page, then scroll down to Dissection # 11: The Larynx…

If you don’t score some of this sweet, sweet swag this time, do not despair, there will be more contests and more t-shirts!

The T-shirts have arrived!

The xraycomix.com t-shirts have arrived and you, yes you can win one! Just be the first Emory SOM M2, M3, M4 or Emory radiology resident (i.e. one t-shirt per group) to answer 3 questions about the site and you will go home with one of the beauties below. See you at 6 am tomorrow, when my next comic posts and at noon when the contest questions post. Thank you sweet wife for catching the 2 3 spelling errors in this post!

Big News!

Well maybe not big, but 2 things of note:

  1. I have figured out how to convert jpegs to dicoms using Osirix. I am in the process of converting some of the visible human datasets to dicoms, loading them into claripacs and linking them to the xraycomix website. Bottom line: normal visible human datasets will now be available for review on the “Human Anatomy Class and Virual Dissections” page. Check out these images of the visible human ankle.
  2. I gave final approval for the “xraycomix.com” t-shirts, so they should arrive in about 2 weeks. I plan to have a contest for free shirts, with prizes for Emory medical students and residents. Still working on the contest questions.