#tiggesanatomy Observations re 1st oral exam: “The Back”, click/tab below.

  1. What great dissections, 1000 times better than I did. Well, maybe 1.5 times.
  2. When I hear a 3 minute discussion of all of the tiny and some of the not so tiny back muscles, I know that in real life, we would boil it down to 2 words, “paravertebral muscles” and move on.
  3. Are the T11 and T12 vertebrae atypical because they articulate with the so-called floating ribs? As a lumper, I say nay.
  4. The autonomic nervous system is too complicated, who do I complain to?
  5. Students still squeamish, visibly distressed faces when I placed paper on a cadaver.

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I am an academic Radiologist who uses comics to teach medical students and residents.